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The most renowned artists showcasing the power of art and NFT’S through the Metaverse. Under our exclusive Museum District Gallery in Decentraland you will be able to enjoy the true essence of art, technology and how they intertwine together. MAWNFT marketplace let’s users pay for exclusive and rare assets with crypto and their credit cards. These assets are linked to the digital signature of their creator, making them scarce and collectible.

NFT holders will gain access to the Metaverse Art World in Decentraland in a virtual gallery and in the physical one in an event that we will host, with giveaways and the presence Legendary Athletes and Musicians.

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MAWNFT is physical and virtual NFT gallery bridging the gap between traditional art and disruptive technology. We are a boutique style NFT marketplace offering one-of-a-kind & luxury assets, promoted and highlighted through unique experiences and global exhibitions.


MAWNFT was created with the vision of bringing the best in class blockchain technology and exclusive offerings to the forefront of the NFT world, bridging the gap between physical and digital assets. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to improve the accessibility to this new world and disrupt the antiquated world of alternative investments by showcasing the unique potential of NFTs across multiple mediums. Our mission is to educate users about this newly emerging asset class by integrating them through immersive and exclusive global exhibitions.


MAWNFT was a joint venture between three organizations who wanted to find the link between the arts, blockchain and marketing. We use blockchain technology to promote liquidity, trust and transparency in a greatly antiquated sector.